August 31, 2010

What I'm Reading...

Just finished reading 'Deliberate Simplicity' by Dave Browning. Here are few of my favourite quotes:

"Church is not a place you go to but a place you come from."

"Enthusiasm for what we're doing is nearly as critical as what we're doing."

"If we want to become a movement, we must be able to move."

"The greatest challenge in discipleship is implementation rather than information...the gap holding back most believers is not the gap between what they know and what they don't know.
It's the gap between what they know and what they're living.
Many Christians...are educated beyond their obedience."

Great book! Totally recommend it!

August 30, 2010

Love it!

Love this outfit from Moochi. I'm on the hunt for pants like this (without the Moochi price tag!) Just beautiful!

August 29, 2010

My Bright Room...

This poem was written by a friend of mine (Rochelle) when I was at college. Now I’m not usually into poems - I’m more into battle cries! But there is a line in this poem that I just love!

People say
That dreams are fragile
And yes, I guess
Sometimes they are…
But not mine.
My dreams are strong
As steel
My dreams are bright
As gold
And I dream like a cloud
But I fall like the rain
And I hurt like a god
Then I smile again
I really don’t think you know
(My bright room of lightning)
I will live before I die

When the going gets tough... what gets me through is this idea:

"I really don't think you know (My bright room of lightning)"

A great idea, something beautiful, a quote, Truth. My Bright Room of Lightning is what inspires me! And this blog is a way for me to share some of that "lightning" with you!