September 29, 2010

God Sightings

This year in my Small Group we started this thing where we would spend time after dinner and before our Bible study sharing our God Sightings, our God Moments from that week. For some of the group this was really hard. Each week they would have nothing to share... they really struggled to see God in their everyday live's, and many of them had long given up any hope of encountering Him in the Bible. And it got me thinking... how do you help people see and encounter God. So... when I saw this Bible and Companion Small Group Guide I got excited!! You can either buy the NLT or NIV version of it and it comes with daily readings of the Bible and 52 Small Group Discussions - a whole year's worth of material!

Here is the advertising blurb that got me hooked - I really want to buy this!!

Once you’ve seen God at work there’s no turning back.

You’re about to be see the world through new eyes. To experience God - every day!

Use the God Sightings NLT One Year Bible and God Sightings One Year Companion Guide to...
  • Engage with the Bible in a fresh way--looking past the pages to God Himself.
  • See practical ways God is expressing Himself in your world--and your life.
  • Capture your thoughts, feelings, and insights--and build your faith.
  • Grow closer to God as you grapple with eye-opening, life-changing questions.

  • Plus - you’ll be amazed! You’ll actually watch God at work in your life. Not because He's suddenly shown up - but because you finally have eyes to see...and at last you’re looking!

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