September 9, 2010

Latest Read: So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore

Did you know, many people are leaving "Church" as we know it, not because they have fallen away from God - but to FIND God and experience a real relationship with Him?

This book is really challenging but is definitely a MUST read, especially if you've ever had the feeling that there has got to be something more!

Here are a few quotes:

"As fun as it is to enjoy large group worship and even be instructed by gifted teachers, the real joy of body life can't be shared in huge groups. For its first 300 years, the church found the home the perfect place to gather. They are more suited to the dynamics of family, which is how Jesus described His body."

"...the time I spend in regular body life I want to spend face-to-face with a group of people. I know it isn't popular today where people find it easier to sit through a finely (or not so finely tuned) service and go home without ever having to open up our life or care about another person's journey."

"Ultimately what matters most to me is not where or how they meet, but whether or not people are focused on Jesus and readily helping one another on the journey to becoming like Him. Meetings are less the issue here than the quality of relationships."

Totally recommend this book! There is so much thought provoking content I'm going to have to read it again just to process it all properly!

by Wayne Jacobsen & Dave Coleman

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  1. Sounds interesting and challenging! Just might have to give it a read. Thanks for sharing Em